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Monday, April 16, 2007


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Gosh, Paul, thanks for drawing attention to that. UGH!

"Wally! It's not what you think!"

The sight of Papi in a Yankees hat IS horrifying, but you gotta admit that commercial is hilarious.

My coworker and I -- Sox fans -- just watched that about five times in a row. Wally's reaction is priceless, I'm dying over here.

I think the commercial is funny as hell. Saw it linked on SoSH a couple days ago.

I probably would've liked it more if they'd had Paps as the one complaining about his Boston cap and Mo wearing it as the Yankee mascot walked by, but hey...can't win them all, right?

Yankees have a mascot? What is it, Rich Uncle Moneybags?

They could use Steinbrenner, I dunno.

Steve: Posada is the perfect choice. He sets up the whole joke as the catcher who doesn't wear the wool cap. Total genius.

Whoever wrote that ad knows his/her baseball.

I thought John Sterling was the mascot.

wishful thinking by papi perhaps?

Hahah, this is awesome!

This is truly funny.

Mark your calendars. Red Sox and Yankees fans agree on something that involves Red Sox and Yankees.

Did I mention that is fricking funny?

"Hey WALLY, ...... Wally...... It's not what you THINK!"

Love it.

I love how Wally is carrying a random box or tray of crap and just drops it all over the floor when he sees Ortiz. So great. Seeing Ortiz in a Yankee cap still makes me feel all yucky inside.

Ahh, what coulda been, eh, YFs?

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