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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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It's truly terrifying and awe-inspiring when WMP really gets a hold of one. It's a kind of power that makes me truly hope that people are paying attention, because he HURTS the ball. His is a rare talent.

Nice use of headlines, Paul.

If it were any other hitter, I'd say that it has to be a joke, but not Wily Mo. I still remember that bullet he hit last year that nearly killed someone sitting atop the Monster. To say Pena is a strong man is like saying Ryan Seacrest is annoying -- the word doesn't capture the whole truth.

I suppose Wily Mo Hobbs used his "Wonderboy" bat? Did he call the shots?
Golly gee, he's my hero!

I think the article was edited. It now reads:
Wily Mo Pena, in his return to spring training, sent one ball soaring over the fence in batting practice -- and broke his bat in the process. Not only did he smash the ball, but shattered the barrel, with the biggest chunk landing over by third base.

So, it was poor writing. Sorry SF, but Wily can't shatter a ball.

Yeah, it's BP, and the story is fluff, but there are several times I've seen WMP hit one that is _rising_ as it clears the wall 100 yards away; it's really something. Reminds me of Bo. Good thing he Ks like Bo too.

Daniel; Paul was being facetious. I'm just enjoying the story for what it is. More than once, I've sat the short seats on the third base side when Sheff would pull one foul. One time, the ball travelled two feet over my head on a rope hissing like a cobra before it hit a metal guard rail; that rail RANG and the ball shot off on another angle, landing at least 50 yards away. Drivers like Sheff and WMP remind you why you had better pay attention to the plate. Electric stuff.

Or at least I think he was being facetious.. balls don't break, unless they are cork-stuffed BP balls for Sammy.

Speaking of BP, and sorry to be bringing this up in your WMP/Sox thread Paul, my cousin Brian who was at Legends field this morning with his two boys called a couple of hours ago. He informed me that that Sleepover King himself was scorching the ball today; big towering shots. I aksed him how he looked and he said "skinnier". He also told me that Robbie looks like he trimmed down a bit as well. Finally, he added that when he saw Hughes for the first time in person he was floored. He didn't realize what specimen the kid is, with tree trunk thighs and a super powerful lower body. I can't wait to see the kid in person myself.

I also don't think you can actually "shatter" or "break apart" a baseball.

"I also don't think you can actually "shatter" or "break apart" a baseball."

I believe the correct terminology is to "tear the cover off," no?

Can anyone who roots for the Yankees (besides the Gerb) just appreciate a good story, perhaps Bunyanesque, just for being a good story?

Sourpusses, all of you.

" Sleepover King himself"

That, my friend is priceless!

And SF, please. Bullshite may rule the world, but it doesn't rule me.

straight ball, i hit very much.

My comment stands, even taller. Sourpusses!

" Sleepover King himself"

Would that be Arod or DJ?

Whiskeysourpuss is more acurate at this point.

Since when does DJ hit big, towering bombs?

"acurate" says it all. Skol! Campai! (for Matsuzaka fans, all)

"Sleepover." A term from one's pre-sexual youth that actually meant something innocuous, joyous, and truly FUN. Come on, _you_ remember what it meant to you. Perhaps it's because he's and caring not tied to innuendo and double-speak, or more likely he is genuinely un-clued that he will be mocked for such a statement, but ARod is an innocent, and he will suffer dearly for it with phrases like that. It's a shame that he doesn't know better than to say things riddled with entendre, and it's a shame we're too salty to let it rest for what it is that he meant. Fricking Peter Pan in a baseball god's body. People are so clever when they aren't scrutinized.

> Perhaps it's because he's a recent father and not caring to be tied...

Fixing my chopped post. Sorry. I didn't preview.

I don't care that ARod and Jeter aren't buddies. I don't care that it gets press that they aren't. I'm just pissed off, and I don't even know why. Yet I type, badly.

AG, don't be mad. As far as sleepovers go, hell yeah, the best time of my youth. I'm pretty sure that might have been what Alex was trying to convey, the friendship at one time was carefree, joyous, and light (like a childhood sleepover) now they are adults, two huge superstars, playing in the pressure cooker of MLB, things change... I have this beautiful framed picture in my office at home; it says "Legendary Yankee Teamates" and below it are 3 separate pictures 1) Ruth/Gehrig, 2) Maris/Mantle, and Jetes/Alex. Who knows what those two think about each other? I think them having a professional working relationship is all there needs to be. All I know is that this might be the last season watching two future hall of famers man the left side of the infield, and I am going to enjoy it, nay-sayers or Alex haters be damned.

I suspected the blog entry was botched, and sure enough... Nevertheless, how can you resist adding to the guy's already-growing legend? That boy hits the ball real, real hard.

fastest ball to leave Fenway I've ever seen came off this guy's bat, and that's no small thing to say - I was at the All-Star game there.
Last year against Baltimore, the ball was gone before I saw it. Literally, I was looking around the infield for it for a second before I realized that the sound the bat made left little mystery to where the ball landed.

" Move over Babe, here comes WILY..."

So where is this "Bunyanesque" good story policy when we talk about Philip Hughes?

"Bunyanesque" stories don't normally involve the term "AA".

Besides, how can a pitcher be Bunyanesque? "Wow, he really struck him out a lot harder than the other time he struck him out!"

No Roy Hobbes references yet?

"I suppose Wily Mo Hobbs used his "Wonderboy" bat?"

" Not only did he smash the ball, but shattered the barrel, with the biggest chunk landing over by third base."

theres the new edit

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