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Saturday, December 23, 2006


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PS: Let me preempt all of you conspiracy buffs out there—that last line was not a subtle suggestion that there will be no awards. For shame! As if there's no Santa. Where's your bloody Christmas spirit? Rest assured, this contest will come to its advertized conclusion, with winners and prizes and merriment for all. Now go fire off a few last stanzas. Maybe you'll even claim victory....

hey I have my own wikipedia entry too :)

Here is my haiku:

Kei Igawa-san
Cheaper than Matsuzaka
Will prove Boston sucks

C o u n t
t h e
r i n g z
b i t c h e s ! 1 1 1

Thanks for impugning my integrity.

My lawyers will be in touch.

Speaking of Igawa, I was a bit bored this afternoon and found this YouTube footage of the 2004 MLB All-Stars v. Japan All-Stars.

It was pretty interesting; Igawa K'd Vernon Wells, Miguel Cabrera, Big Papi, Victor Martinez, and a couple of others. He can be pretty effective. However later on into the 5th inning or so, Wells laced a double into RF, then Papi ripped one that probably busted through the roof of the dome and landed in Yokohama Bay. It's nice to know that Igawa can strikeout some of the most dangerous hitters in the Bigs, although that's tempered by the fact that he can get ripped too. Either way it's a interesting clip (about 10 minutes), you guys should check it out. Have a great Holiday everyone, I'm taking an internet hiatus until Tuesday.

Just to correct myself above; Igawa gave up the double to Wells followed by Papi's homer in the 4th. Then in the 5th, Blalock singled home Wilkerson, then Wells hit a laser shot into the LF seats. He also K'd Papi a 2nd time, and Cabrera a 2nd time.

haiku man, that's taking it too far. Ease off.

You know what: Tom and Haiku Man: Grow up. We work pretty hard to make this a forum for nice folks to talk hardball, and here as a special treat we bring on three of the top sports writers in the business to contribute to our fun. I figured we'd all be on our best behavior, put our best foot forward. Henceforth, that's what I expect. Nasty, degrading comments are not going to be tolerated here. End of story. And shape up.

"Thanks for impugning my integrity.

My lawyers will be in touch."

That's pretty funny. I have this image in my have of my comrade SF and his multiple lawyers on retainer defend what I assume must be frequent attacks on his integrity, on multiple fronts. ;)

"I have this image in my have?" What the heck was that? So very tired. I miss sleep.

My lawyers may be the same as YF's lawyers. Rendering my threat useless. As always.

SF kind of sounded like Donald Trump minus all the name calling.

That was meant as a joke

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