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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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Who knew?

Ball Four anyone?

Sheffield go call up Jim Bouton and see how life is being a pariah for a bit

As if Sheff wasn't somewhat of a pariah before this anyway.

Reason # 32435984750470293874029387 that I would never want this punk ass bitch on the Red Sox.

Language, please. Family site.

...nick, is this for real?...if so, it's actually kind of funny, in a sick, twisted, ironic kind of's "mr. leave me alone, i don't want to be bothered", hanging out his teammates dirty laundry...and, now i'm glad he's going...sf's, if you have any pull with your team's management, advise them to stay away from this guy...he apparently never did grow up...

dc, according to the source, it's real.

...thanks nick...geez...

Not surprising in the least.

See, this is another reason why I wonder how in the world someone would want to give up any real value for a guy who is such a pain in the neck. Who cares if he can still take a vicious swing when you have to deal with this sort of stuff all the time?

Edit: (Obviously, I realize some people could say similar things about Manny, but "Manny being Manny" is nothing like "Sheff being Sheff.")

mouse, your disclaimer wasn't necessary...nobody should call you on manny v. sheffield...i've made some rather benign comments on this site about manny's idiosyncrasies, while ever mindful of his immense talent, and i've been convinced that his quirkiness has had no adverse affect on his teammates...he's tolerable, even likeable...sheffield, on the other hand, is a lesser talent who, with his latest round of trantrums and [alleged] backstabbing, is beginning to sound a lot like the bad apple i've been hearing about, but was reluctant to believe...he's not likable...

I've always said, and it might be extreme in both cases, but if there were no baseball, Sheffield might be in jail, and Manny would be working the night shift at Burger King while eating fruit loops and watching cartoons during the day.

i've always maintained that if sheff wasn't playing baseball, his would be the last face you see if you owed money to the mob.

you'd feel a tire iron smack into your back, you'd roll over, and there'd be an angry sheff, shouting "where's the money m-f-er?!?!?"

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