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Saturday, October 21, 2006


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Great post, Nick.

I'm trying to root for the Tigers, I really am. Leyland makes it easier. The Red Wings make it near impossible, though. Such is my dislike of the Wings that my enmity crosses over to every other team out of Detroit. Strike that; the entire state of Michigan. Then again, St. Louis plays in a stadium sponsored by an adult beverage that is such an egregious insult to beer that there's no way I can get behind them. (Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - B. Franklin). And I really don't like Prince Albert. At least it's almost ski season. When do pitchers and catchers report?

AG: Bud may be an egregious insult to beer, but it's no worse than the outright assault on the form that is Mike Ilitch's Little Caesar's. The two teams, in a sense, belong together.

Nick: Jack Buck = Great. Ernie Harwell = Great. No advantage there.

I'm just hoping for a good 6 or 7 game series...with no more than one blowout.

YF: Game, set, and match. Little Caesar's + Bud = a pox upon humankind.

Doh! Of course Harwell is equally as great, although I never have had the chance to hear recordings of his work. I don't think he did national games, whereas I have distinct memories of Jack Buck games on NBC. Another announcer I thought it was a real treat to listen to nationally was Vin Scully when he did the NBC games in the 80's.

YF, who are/were your favorite announcers?

Phil Rizzuto!

Now where's my canoli?

Phil Rizzuto's genius was his ability to give shout-outs to all the octogenerians in Florida during the seventh inning of a very close game.

Phil Rizzuto might have been the worst announcer in the history of sports. Until John sterling came around.

The Jack Buck thing is offset by the Joe Buck thing, sadly, and the fact that Tim McCarver is secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) rooting for the Cards closes the broadcasting deal. And Eckstein's sprints to first after walks are about as annoying as anything: 50 bucks to Ivan Rodriguez if he sticks the leg out and trips the little twerp. I lived in St. Louis for three years and their idea of cheese there is something hideously synthetic called "provel", which is simultaneously inedible and stomach-turning. Their pizza makes Little Caesar's look like DiFara's.

Finally, there's LaRussa. Shades during night games? Who is he, some two-bit amateur at the World Series of Poker trying to hide a "tell"?

Game,set, and match. Tigers.

During my one visit to St. Louis I got to experience the wonder that is Steak-n-Shake...Wow! Just wow!

SF, I completely agree with you about Eckstein's spring to first, but that's what irks me about V-Tek. I hate his whole spring back to the dugout after he makes an out. They both remind me of the annoying kid (usually the son of the coach) on my little league teams growing up.


Wow, AG, I thought I was the only one who doesn't like Albert Pujols. I always felt like a horrible person ...

And Nick, this sounds like a certain other American League team that I think you actually don't mind rooting for:

"They were unstoppable: A very unlikeable group of emotionless drones who crushed your spirit every time."

Better start changing the letters after your name, you contrarian you!

Rizzuto was Rizzuto. A great baseball character, a la Bob Uecker. A truly bad announcer is a flat-earther like Joe Morgan. World of difference.

I don't really understand all of the animosity for Joe Buck. He's a really solid play-by-play guy, if a bit of a khaki-pants type. The genius slama-lama-ding-dong ads for Bud forever earned him my good will.

Paul, that certain team you refer to has not been exactly unstoppable of late. They're a bunch of lovable losers (of first or 2nd round post-season series)!

I don't actually hate Buck as much as everyone else, but the fact that you basically have a Cardinals partisan booth is a bit annoying, if out of their control and certainly not Buck nor McCarver's fault. And Rizzuto's "character" was unbearable, a la Uecker.

And I am with YF re: Steak'n'Shake. Genius. It still doesn't make up for provel or another Missouri calamity: Crab Rangoon. Blech.

Nick: I guarantee that's the first and only time in my life I hear that team referred to as "lovable losers." Made me laugh out loud.

I'm also on the "Buck's not that bad" bandwagon. He's not great, but he's got a good voice and he knows the game well enough and he's not annoying (no "Puuuuut it on the boooooaaaaaard, YES!" crap)...

I agree - Varitek and Eckstein both annoy me when they show hustle in everything they do. In a day when I've grown so used to guys watching thier home-runs sail over the wall before moving or actually walking when they're walked, it's a blow to the games new sense of character when some jerk does things the way it's supposed to be and never tries to show the pitcher up or shows him a little respect.
The audacity of some guys is amazing.

Yep, I like Buck, too. McCarver, though, is an idiot. Put Al Leiter in there!

I'm new to the whole "Albert is a jerk thing" but what I do know is that a) he's the best hitter in baseball, b) he does some amazingly "clutch" things c) he gave the Cards a hometown discount and d) he has a charity for kids with special needs. I find it hard to root against him.

On the other hand, apparently he *is* a jerk and I'm convinced he's lying about his age.

To be honest, I'm just rooting for a7 game series. Now that the Mets are gone, I'm relaxed about who wins this.

...buck's an idiot...mac's a bigger idiot...
as for the homer announcers, i agree that rizzuto and sterling are acquired tastes, although i don't like sterling much...not a big fan of mike kay either...this may be a bit like favoring the players on your own team...i can tolerate the yankee announcers, but i can't stand orsillo and that little goof tom caron...let's face it, none of the homers get paid to be impartial, just the opposite...that makes them harder to listen to...

Sprinting to first base after a walk like you've been lightly tasered is annoying. I have nothing against hustle, but I was under the impression that the one was already awarded the bag after ball four and therefore there was no reason to get there as quickly as possible.

just the opposite...that makes them harder to listen to...

Don't listen.

If you guy's have such problems with announcers, just hit the mute button, it's a simple solution to the problem.

...step ahead of you on the mute brad, but i still have to see their goofy faces a couple of times a game...thanks for the good advice though...
...on the sprinting to first base topic, it is a little wierd, almost uncomfortable, to watch someone do that...but, it's more annoying to see guys dogging it...and, while we're on the subject of stuff that makes us uncomfortable, can someone explain to me why veritek takes his helmet off well before he gets back to the dugout after an out?....you'll probably tell me that he's not the only one, but somehow it seems more noticable with him...

I've hated the Cards since 1967. I hated the Herzog Cards - slap the ball and run like hell. LaRussa is a complete tool with his shades, long hair, copper energy bracelet, animal rights and smugness. Pujols ...there's just something about the guy.

Leyland is a phony. Kenny Rogers is an ass. Detroit has been one of the worst teams in baseball for years. It's not right that they should win the Series after sucking for so long. It's not supposed to be that easy, is it? These are relatively weak teams, but I have to go with Detroit; I'm an AL guy and my dislike for the Cards is almost bottomless. Screw it, I'm ready for college basketball. Go Memphis Tigers! (Duck)

Maybe Eckstein needs to consult Webster's with regard to the definition of the word "walk" (The annoying little a**)

Hi, guys. I've been lurking and enjoying all year (thanks!), but I have to ask... Yanks fan claims to have contrarian nature? Doesn't like to follow the herd? My head is about to explode.

The mute button is a godsend. Last week, didn't one of booth idiots exclaim something like "He's one swing away from sending his team to the World Series!!!!!", which would have been fine, except that it was the FOURTH INNING?

My husband cracks up at how easy it is to call what the announcers will say before they say it, but that one snuck up on me.

Go, Tigers! (if only in nostalgia for 1968 and 1984)

Hey, Robin, welcome aboard! Many a Sox fan has told me how hated these Bombers are, how they're the evil empire. I'm rooting for something that is considered evil by most. Is that not contrarian?:)

...tom, you're full of hate!...yeah man!...the honesty's refreshing...robin, welcome...we could make a million bucks if we could use that mute button on the sox fans...by the way, not all yank fans are contrarian...most of us were born that way...

Sorry, dc, I'm One of Them. Watching Pedro pitch a complete game shutout of the White Sox at Fenway, striking out 15, was one of the highlights of my baseball life. He owned that park and everyone in it.

My Tiger fondness goes back to 1968, natch, when I was but a grade-schooler -- yeah, I'm older than all of you, possibly put together. The next summer, my mom asked where I would like to go if we could take a trip (from upstate NY). I said Detroit. Detroit, 1969: not your average tourist spot. My extremely game mother said OK, and took me to Tiger Stadium to see Denny McLain pitch, with Al Kaline, Gates Brown, etc. After moving to Boston, the Sox gradually got to me, though. The Tigers are now my fallback team.

Nick -- it's all in good fun. My brother-in-law and his family are in Jersey. Until my nephews were 5-6-7, they thought the Yankees winning the Series was an annual event, like Halloween and Christmas. I figure it's good for their characters to learn that their team doesn't actually win every year!

"Sorry, dc, I'm One of Them."....robin, i'm sorry to hear that, but we love you anyway in spite of your flaws...in fact, admitting it is the first step toward a cure...hang in there...

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