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Friday, July 21, 2006


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Great stuff.
I still want the Yanks to beat them though.

Great read. I particularly liked, "I also don’t think it’s even remotely exclusive to baseball, I think it’s a society issue as much as it is a baseball issue."

That's an insightful statement and overlooked by so many of the pundits that seem to focus on whether or not Bonds is getting a fair shake.

I officially retract my previous statement portraying the original CUrt Schilling poster as a fraud. Well done guys- great questions/ back and forth dialouge.

um, hi curt.

*runs away*

Wow, really cool. Thanks for posting this.

I am a huge Curt Schilling fan, he puts his heart on the field, and gives us great quotes to read. When he comes onto these boards we actually feel attached to the players.

How often can you be on a board talking to famous politcians (i.e. George Bush, Dick Cheney, or for us Mass guys Mitt Romney), famous movie stars (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks). It just doesn't happen, but Curt actually brings us into the life that we so dearly envy and respect.

And for that I applaud your Mr. Schilling, you truly are a fans man.

Plus the fact that he is saying he may not retire next year, should bring out about a thousand more threads on 'Why Schill should come back to the Sox in '08.' Can't wait.

Got to love Curt Schilling for what he does on and off the baseball field. How many athletes -- especially of his stature -- would give his time to comment on a blog? Only one, probably. He's the player I wish more athletes would resemble.

Thanks for the great interview.


I personally think Mr. Schilling will pitch in 2008. Curt is a power pitcher, these pitchers get better with age,just look at clemens.

I personally think Mr. Schilling will pitch in 2008. Curt is a power pitcher, these pitchers get better with age,just look at clemens.

Even if I wasn't a diehard Bosox fan, I would acknowledge that Schilling is a great pitcher with lots of heart. He did ruin my post-2004 Series week by publicly endorsing fellow born-again Bush and spouting on about his (to me extreme) religious beliefs, but he seems to have learned from that experience that he'll only end up alienating half of his fan base. As long as he sticks to talking about the game he's paid handsomely to pay, and about beating the Yankees, I'm for him.

That's very cool guys, congrats on the opportunity. As a thank you, I suggest you put a button ad up on the site for Curt's Pitch for ALS, just an idea, it's a great cause. ALS is evil because it kills you on the outside slowly but you maintain your sanity, a sane and lucid mind trapped in a body that can't move or speak.

I think Mr. Schilling is a great pitcher with a big heart. He's a throw back athlete to a time when athletes spoke how they felt in public and knew that they could perform in their respective venue. Mr. Schilling is an athlete who knows, respects, and appreciates what the game has given him. As a member of Red Sox nation I'm proud to call him my ACE.

That was pretty neat. Nice to see intelligent, well thought out responses. I respect Schilling as a pitcher, Sox are lucky to have him. That said, I can't get over his media-whorishness and big mouth, both of which annoy the hell out of me. Also, IMO trolling the message boards (esp. the NYY forums) to see what people are saying about you is kinda stupid. So Curt, if you're reading this, please stop and get a life :-D

Wait, there's two Sam's on the site now? I'm confused.

Anyway, as the guy who (I like to think) attracting Curt to this site by asking why he hates the Yankees so much, I want to say that I hate Curt. I hate him the same way I hate Manny and Papi - I secretly love them to pieces and deeply fear/respect them as players and it kills me that they play for the BoSox. I really, really wish that we could somehow acquire them in a trade for Miguel Cairo, Andy Phillips and the memory of Kevin Brown.

Nice interview, guys, and big up to the Schillmeister for taking part. I would say he has a future as a writer of all things baseball, but his fair and intelligent comments about the game probably disqualify him...

Now, YF, where's that Jeter interview??


Blogs and fan forums aren't traditional "media". I think Curt understands there's a difference between talking to Mike Lupica or Dan Shaughnessy and talking to you or me. I don't doubt he's thinking about who he can reach with his comments by this type of communication, and what kind of impact it might have, but the fact that he's willing to exchange emails with us, sincerely answer our questions, and engage the fans (repeat: we are NOT the media) says a great deal about the respect he has for the fans. I think that's great.

How is it stupid? First its working. I read most of his discussion on the NYY forum, and he gained alot of respect from the Yankee fans. Second, if Curt needs to get a life because he enjoys going on the internet and posting on Sox/Yanks forums, then I think we all need to stop and reacces our own lives.
So Curt, if you're reading this, please continue and 'get busy living'. :D

typo: reaccess

Sam(yf) I think you need to join the 'How he Threw it all away' thread and enlighten us about how Yankee fans can actually hate Red Sox players too (i.e. Curt & Manny)

good stuf here i sure hope Curt Schilling pitches as long as feels he can mayb i think another exception for the red sox hof?

Are you guys sure this was really Schilling? These thoughtful, measured answers sound nothing like the self serving, egomaniacal, never at a loss for a dumb quote on any topic, "red light" curt I've come to despise. Schilling will always be, in the words of Ed Wade, Phillies GM: "A horse every fifth day, and a horse's ass the four days in between".
Curt, outside RSN, no one wants to hear any more of your bs - please just shut up, pitch and enjoy your endorsement deal with Heinz ketchup

Great question and answers.

I'm thrilled someone asked about the conservative/liberal situation in the clubhouse.

Personally, although a TRUE Red Sox fan, the liberals drove me out of Mass....

Go get em Curt...Hope to see you in Seattle the end of next month...

SF, I'm disappointed you didn't ask him one of the questions I submitted:

"Yankees- Great? Or the Greatest?"

I think it was plenty nice and cool of Curt (first name basis from now on, by the way, as hopefully he and I will begin a weekly "Crossfire"-type segment on YFSF starting later this evening) to do the interview, but I'm a cynical bastard, too. He wants to be liked by his fans and this is a pretty smart way of doing that. That's fine with me. It does show that he wants to manage his public image pretty carefully. Now, people criticize A-Rod for managing his public image too. A couple of months back, SF said that the root of A-Rod's problems was his intense desire to be accepted and liked by others. How is what Curt is doing any different? And please note that I'm not criticizing him for wanting to be liked and for trying to connect with the fans. But why does A-Rod get shit for doing the same thing?

I think it's a little different with Curt, but I am not really disputing the whole image-management thing, Nick, to be clear. I would say there's a qualitative difference between say, going on a blog to have a discourse with fans, answer their random questions via email within a couple of days and advertising the fact that you (might have) saved a kid on Newbury Street from a supposed oncoming truck that was going a speeed almost impossible to obtain due to the physical surroundings of said street. A-Rod conducts his image management through the conventional press, and ham-handedly so, so the sincerity of his yearnings to be accepted seems forced. With Curt, yeah, he seems to want to be liked, but he also really appears to like doing these things. That's a huge difference. Curt might do all this stuff if he wasn't the ace, I get the sense. The key is that his blogging, or his forum-posting, or his ALS stuff doesn't seem to be for image-management, though I have no doubt he knows it is that. He does it because it matters to him, he likes it, it makes a difference. I mean, did Curt take up World of Warcraft to be expand his fan base, or because he likes playing WoW? I think the same thing is true with his presence on these blogs. He digs the correspondence, for all sorts of reasons, some of which might be cynical, as you think. I chalk it up to him being more like us than we're willing to cop, though he does have the otherworldly splitter.


In my opinion, A-Rod(perhaps E-Rod is more fitting?), is ONLY concerned about his public image. Schilling, on the other hand, voices an opinion and we can take it or leave it. The potential negative ramifications don't bother him....that's a refreshing attitude that I admire.

Also, you don't see A-Rod sacrificing his body like Jeter or Schilling does for the good of the team.

In essence, comparing A-Rod to Schilling is like comparing apples to oranges.

Since I was living in Boston at the time of A-Rod's mitzvah on Newbury street I think it's best to correct the record. As I recall, the local news picked up the story because the kid and his mom came to them with it. A-Rod didn't get on the phone and call up channel 4. He owned up to it, was pretty modest about the whole thing (seemed sincere to me) when they ran the story on the local news. Of course, the national news picked up on it and it became a bigger deal but I don't see how A-Rod was being disingenuous during the affair. Again, this is my memory and experience of what happened. Maybe there was an article about how A-Rod called up the press. I never read it.

But probably most people think SF's version of the events is what went down. A-Rod is truly in a no-win situation all the time. Perception creates reality. Who cares what went down? The only panacea for A-Rod is winning the world series. That's it. Otherwise, his authenticity will be questioned until 40 years from now when baseball historians talk about what a raw deal he got in NYC.

I believe your point about Schilling being more like us than we might like to admit is a good one and, perhaps, explains A-Rod's problems. He is such a ridiculously gifted athlete, has put up historically great numbers from the time he was 20, that it's hard to imagine him having any connection to the common fan. Schilling (a "throw-back" has a bit of a belly) looks and sounds a little more like us. But in that case, it's not A-Rod who's being insincere, it's us projecting insincerity/sincerity onto another person.


My first encounter with this story was the kid's father or uncle calling WFAN like an hour after it happened, and the story stunk to high heaven. It wasn't that A-Rod didn't do a good deed, it was that the facts of the story were highly exaggerated, if you simply understood the physics and geography of that area of Boston.

But I want to keep this thread on topic, and that topic is Curt. I don't see why people have to be so damn cynical about Curt's intentions in communicating with us on this blog (or on, or SoSH, or wherever), that it all has to be for some sort selfish gain or image polishing. Maybe the guy just appreciates the fans and has a good time emailing, shooting the breeze. It certainly seems like he does.

Cool stuff from Schill. Thanks.
I really don't like Pay-Rod, but I have to defend him. To suggest he only is concerned with his image is wrong. He is concerned with his game. And he's a damn good player. But all of this negativity is just eating him up. He's really pressing. In 35 years of watching baseball I've never seen anything like it. I almost feel sorry for him. He is the poster boy for everything wrong with the Yankees, and he's the guy the entitlement Yankee fans love to hate. Well $$$ can't buy thick skin.
People forget that he's still relatively young and that he changed positions and that none of us can succeed with that kind of negative reinforcement.
Don't get me wrong. I don't want Pay-Rod to change. (How about a group hug?)
Perhaps the problem is that he's trying to manage his image instead of being himself. Schill, while maybe he overdoes it a bit, probably is just being himself. And that makes it a whole lot easier.

The biggest news, by far, from the interview: Gabe Kapler is my new favorite Red Sock.

"The key is that his blogging, or his forum-posting, or his ALS stuff doesn't seem to be for image-management, though I have no doubt he knows it is that".


Most, if not all of the self-involved egomaniacs I know LOVE to hear the sound of their own voice, and Schilling is no exception. It's my opinion, based on years of watching this guy's exploits in the media, that almost everything he does is motivated by an intense desire to be the center of attention. If his reasons were otherwise, then I don't think his peers would have given him the nickname "Red Light Curt".

(Nick: More excellent reasons why Gabe Kapler rules here)

Why do people care if Schilling likes to be the center of attention? He's not hurting anything, and it doesn't impair his ability to do his job effectively. I know lots of people who like to be the center of attention. Sure, it can be annoying, but it's hardly destructive and far from a character flaw. The main reason people take issue with it is because it's easy fodder for talk-show hosts and blog posters. Would you rather have 25 Nomars?

Another reason why I love Schilling. I for one will never forget the bloody sock and the sacrifice he made for his team

Very cool stuff, guys.

If I were a Sox fan -- and I'm not so feel free to ignore this -- the one question I'd like to ask Curt is whether he regrets rushing back to start the season on national TV against Unit last year instead of getting completely healthy. For a guy willing to put team above himself and his health (2004 ALCS), it seemed very much like him putting himself above his team's overall needs.

Query all the media whore stuff, blah blah blah, but wherever you stand on that it seems that Curt was very open about his desire to make that start against Unit. (What I mean by that is let your own beliefs on his motivations decide whether it was motivation to face his old teammate or motivation to face his old teammate on national TV.)

Just seems like Curt got a complete free pass on that. I wouldn't have been so generous if, say, Mussina rushed his elbow back to throw the opener and ended up out for most of the year, with the Yanks coming within a Cleveland meltdown of missing the playoffs.

Actually mp, David Wells pitched the opener at the Stadium last year. Schill didn't come back until the first homestand, although I agree that he did rush back.

However, I don't think he was ever going to be 100% last year no matter how long he rested. Even if he didn't pitch until, say the break, it would have taken him awhile to get back into form. He would have been seriously rusty.

And after the 2004 postseason, well, he was allowed to rush back, and let's face it, if he had taken his time coming back, people would have been getting on him for not being there for his team or whatever. We really, really needed Schill last year, and he trid his best, but unfortunately, the whole experiance was just ugly.

fuk u dnt laugh (covers mouth)

k now u can laugh


schil luv ya but u gotta put down da hoagie. juss playin'


clapclap CLAPCLAPCLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, Nick. SF didn't include one of my questions ("Sox fans: Great fans or the greatest fans?") either...

I'd love to hear the back-and-forth between Schilling and Kapler:

Kapler: "So which of your boy, George W's accomplishments are you most proud of, Curt? Record national debt? tax cuts for millionaires? torture camps? warrentless domestic spying? global warming? Halliburton? blocking funding of stem cell research? the Katrina response? Bin Laden still at large? 2500+ US soldiers dead and no WMDs? 50,000 Iraqi civilians dead? America's image in the world? gas prices? Terry Schiavo? the Valerie Plame case?"

Schilling: "I'd have to say tax cuts for miilionaires...and maybe all that brush he's cleared."

Really, how long a "debate" could this be?

To Sam - YF - that is the most intelligent post I've ever seen. I'm very appreciative of fans such as yourself who is behind their team 100% but respect the opposing players of the rivalry. I myself, a deep Sox fan all my life, came to really enjoy Paul O'Neill for his grit. And, while i can't stand Jeter AT ALL, there are few players in baseball that I'd rather have up in a key situation.

As for Curt Schilling, he's never EVER said anything I disagreed with. I truly enjoy listening to him because he has a great view on politics, religion, baseball and life. We should all be more like you, Schill. Thanks for being an outstanding pitcher, role model and human being. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!

I've met Curt and he seems really intent on retiring after next yr. I'm a huge Curt Schilling fan and red sox fan and the fact that i got to see him pitch before he retires means a lot. Not to mention that he puts a lot of time into the things he does off the field. I volunteer for ALS things and I was @ the Run/Walk for Mike Timlin's mother which helped raise money for the Angel Fund (ALS) and Curt was there signing autographs...... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CURT!

The 2004 postseason made him a legend in baseball and will ultimately help him get into the HOF even if he doesnt believe it is possible.

R.I.P. Bethel Johnson, your legend will forever live on in New England

Schill, you're actions are often an inspiration, thanks.

Andy makes a good point: Schill is well spoken, makes good points, supports them well and, most of all, respects the game.

Anyone on here?

He's a Republican.

At least Barkley was smart enough to figure out that this is bad idea.

Curt - you might want to check out the Blogging the Bible feature on

SF, Mr. Schilling
--win one or 2 more WS champs for us,
and you're going to HOF with your playoff stats~Let's go our ACE!!!

A truely wicked awesome blog with the Yankee Killer Schil! Nice work!

Have the Yankees stooped to a new low by bringing in Ponson? Or is the farm system sooo bankrupt that he is the best (or only ) option.He looks like David Wells, but throws like Jared Wright.I think the Yanks are in serious trouble.Can't see them bludgeoning their way to another playoff without pitching."Mussina and Wang and PRAY FOR RAIN " !!!!!


The sox made Ponson an offer too, as did other teams. Signing an experienced starter for 166K is a no risk, no brainer.

BTW, Have you taken a look at the back end of your rotation lately?

How about the pen? the pen Timlin looks shaky; Tavarez is a disaster, etc.

The Yanks aren't the only team with pitching problems...

"Schilling, Beckett and 5 Innings Or Lester".

Spelling correction: Less-ter

According to Theo,the Sox absolutely had zero interest in Ponson and made no offer.They are only licking their chops at the opportunity to face Ponson if he makes it until their next match up.My guess is he will either continue to get lit up or will be arrested before we get that opportunity.

Yes,I have looked at the end of our rotation.It is filled with guys in their early 20's not early forties like the Yanks.As for the pen ,Ya Taverez is a wreck and looks like the Yankees next waiver claim to me.He would fit in quite well with guys like Wilson,Beam,Bean,Sturtz,Erikson,Chacon,I'm sure you get the picture.

Dude, are we talking about the sox?
Wells, Clement and Wakefield aren't in their early 20's! You must be talking about the minor leaguers filling in until those guys come off the DL...

Nah, Tavarez fits better with standouts like Foulke, Van Buren,DiNardo,Snyder and Jason Johnson.

I heard about Ponson's offer from the sox on XM and a few other sources. Where did Epstein go on the record saying otherwise?

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