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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


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Fans were really cheering when A-Rod came up with people on 2nd and 3rd, no outs. It seems almost like they're booing him out of frustration, not because they hate him (at least most of them, not the few dopeheads who'd boo their grandmother).

I don't think there's a (sane) Yankee fan that boos A-Rod out of hate. We boo because we want/expect him to hit .350 with 55 homers and 130 RBIs every year. When he goes on a stretch where he couldn't get a hit off of the pitch machine, it is very frustrating for the fans.

Plus there's that whole clutch/not-clutch thing, but I'm not going to touch that with a 10-foot pole.

It's mob mentality spiked with alcohol that causes the ARod jeering in Yankee Stadium. Paycheck or not, there is no one that deserves the kind of derision he receives with the numbers he has produced during his tenure in the Bronx.

I missed the game from the 5th on as I went to a minor league game in Portland tonight. I have to read the game thread to find out why RJ got tossed.

Hmm. Interesting reading the play-by-play and the game thread. Posada got hit by Johnson (Cleveland), and RJ got thrown out on intent? Give me a break. If that is how it has to fall down due to the requirements of the warning, so be it. BUT: RJ didn't hit him. I don't see a problem. It may seem petty that RJ was coming in, but I'm not worried about it, especially if he threw somewhere where the batter could get out of the way. If a major leaguer wants to drill you, you are drilled. Doesn't seem to be what happened. But I iterate that this is only from the reading; I didn't see it.

Come on, this is the kind of stuff that RJ uses to get himself going. It's nice to see the mean, prick version of RJ showing some life. I could care less if it was not "the way you're supposed to play the game." If this propels him get whatever kinks he has had about his confidence worked out, all the better. Plus, Jorge obviously felt strongly about JJohnson hitting him, RJ was protecting his catcher, like he's supposed to. Finally, RJ didn't even hit Perez! If he wanted to hit him he would have. This is the way Drysdale and Gibson played the game, and there is nothing wrong with it.

RJ threw at him with intent. The best part was that after the benches began to clear, he just walked off the mound and into the dugout. He didn't bark at the batter, he didn't even look at him really. He threw the pitch, and left. I didn't mind it at all. He threw at the guy who killed him earlier, and he at least got an out. The game wasn't 2-1. I have a feeling if the Yanks don't score in that inning, he doesn't throw at anyone. RJ isn't an idiot, but he proved a point.

Let's hope this gets him going for the year.

It was indeed obvious that RJ threw at Perez. But I still think it's funny that he got tossed w/o actually hitting anyone.

Good win, although honestly, will Proctor be able to lift his arm by the all-star break?

I think what YF is saying here, is there was no need here to get yourself thrown out, and RJ knew he was getting thrown out. 1. J. Johnson had little control over any of his pitches and wouldn't hit Posada in a close game with men on, so why retaliate. 2. You've thrown 78 pitches in a game where you lead 6-1, he could of easily finished the game and not forced the Yanks to go to the bullpen. All in all, no reason here to retaliate and get yourself thrown out, but if this is what he needs to get fired up, so be it.

Not to beat a dead horse, but JJohnson, before hitting Posada, had come high and inside on Jeter twice inducing a glare for Derek on the his way to first. This team gets hit way too much; we can't keep risking injuries by pitchers hitting Yankee batters. The message RJ sent was clear and necessary, allright I'll now shut my trap on the subject.

I don't personally like the beanball wars, especially in the AL(stupid). But the system of umpire enforcement is flawed. So why not "send a message" early on, hit a guy, so you can basically take away the inside pitch from your opponent? If the retaliating party gets tossed there really isn't a penalty for being the initiator. I realize it's kind of childish, but when have these guys been known for their maturity?

Message sent. Message received. Good move by Unit. I personally think J. Johnson's extra banter after throwing inside all night triggered the message. And JJ's comments after the game made me all-the-more happy about Unit's actions.

Here's an interesting twist on this issue: the ChiSox demoted rookie Sean Tracey after he came into a game and got Hank Blalock out instead of hitting Blalock. Pierzinski had twice been hit earlier in the game and Ozzie wanted revenge. Ozzie apparently went nuts at the failure.

What were JJ's comments after the game?

Also, Ozzie is nuts, but we already knew that.

In the last few weeks, two of the most important components of the Yankees offense have been sidelined by pitchers coming inside. In neither case were retaliatory pitches thrown. Perhaps that was a mistake. I'm not saying to bean someone, but I think it's appropriate for pitchers to send a message.

I'm with bloodyyank. RJ did what he had to do, and I applaud him for it.


Referring to Posada: "I don't know what he was yelling about," Johnson said. "I'm a sinkerball pitcher. I've got to throw inside to lefties. If I throw inside and he can't get out of the way, that's his fault."


And now the Unit receives a 5 game suspension.

And he didn't even hit the guy.

Worst. Comissioner. Ever.

Michael Barrett gets 10 games for punching AJ in the head. Johnson gets 5 games for not hitting someone with a baseball. I suppose the message is next time, hit him.

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