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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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Never forget

Dude, this is LAME, supplanting a game thread still in progress for a single overdue hit from the greatest player in the game. Really bad form, this little pity party you are throwing for your fragile superstar.

So for you, a big BOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Boo-hoo. Your game thread is hardly supplanted. We here in Yankee land don't set our clocks by the doings at Fenway. We got some news, we go with it. You can continue with your thread. Enjoy.

We're loving A-Rod's email address, by the way.

This New York obsession over Arod and his failings (and rare successes) is very amusing. I am really very happy he does not wear Red Sox.

I love the whole "today he is a Yankee" thing, which basically admits that yes, A-Rod and his F*CKING MVP YEAR WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH. That's not only insulting, but pathetic and unfair.

(And Yankees fans say that WE have some sort of complex w/r/t Rodriguez. Puh-leeze. This post by YF should end that accusation, once and for all.)

like i've said all along--come back when he walks off in back to back games of the ALCS to begin a comeback from a 3-0 deficit, and then leads the league in walkoffs for the next two years. that's when a-rod will even be remotely deserving of being put alongside david ortiz.

SF is riding a dangerously high horse. I hope he's got a helmet on.

We've spent more than enough time lauding Alex on this site not to have our integrity so questioned. But there's no denying that, even after last year--yes, an mvp year--alex hasn't exactly been embraced. blame the playoffs, though he was obviously not responsible for the team's loss. so what? he'd been playing terribly. the fans had turned on him. now he had his moment. he enjoyed it. so did we.

No horses involved. Just telling it like it is. You made the post, not me. I have, more than anyone, (even you, perhaps) been honest and open about A-Rod's abilities, about how great they are. But of course, for you, TODAY he's a Yankee. Talk about fickle. And arrogant. And all sorts of other things that I won't bother naming.

Who's been paying him these last two years, then, if he wasn't a Yankee? (Besides Tom Hicks, of course.)

Oh, come on! He's been taking shit about not being clutch since his arrival. For various reasons, which yopu've also pointed out, he's never been a real favorite, personality wise. Now he's done something likely to win over the faithful.

Sit on it!

I just think that a post like this, with all it's pomposity, lends (unfortunate) credence to all of the claims about A-Rod that you have done hard time to rebut, admirably.

Calling him a true Yankee today, with such convenience and self-importance and gravitas, doesn't help any Yankee fan in making a case that they are any less of a fair-weather friend than any other team's booster.

I think that's bogus. The guy, we all know, has not been that lovable. After the horrid month, the boos, it's hard not to see this, or at least HOPE this is a fulcrom for him, with NY. That's reality, and it's not fair-weather, and it's not pompous.

Guess what: he's still not that lovable.

What was that Winston Churchill quote, about still being ugly in the morning? Seems to me you could offer a variation on that with the Yankees' third baseman. And that's not a comment on his skills, which are unimpeachable.

But see, YF, that comment you just made is different than your post, at least tonally speaking. I expect you can see that, as a writer. Your original post was totally pompous (as anything that invokes the "true Yankee" meme would be), the comment you just put up hardly that.

A bar mitzvah reference is pompous?! Fine. Excuuuuuuuuuse me.

Now, can we have our banner back!

Not until Sunday night. Tomorrow it becomes "Marlinsfan vs Soxfan"...

And for me, with Giambi, it wasn't the Grand Slam, but rather the Grand Jury appearance. Just so you know.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

SF and beth, just admit it. You both want to be A-Rod's roommate and you secretly root for the Yankees. Jeez! Go poo on someone else's parade, grinches!

New York Post front page: Hooker scandal, smaller bar above about "hero A-Rod"
New York Post back page: "Bo-Socked"

Daily News front page: Hooker scandal & "Elmo photo fiasco"
Back Page: "For Pete's Sake" re: Pedro rout. Small headline about Lou Piniella's influence on A-Rod.

Talk about unliked. A-Rod finally hits a walk-off come from behind homer in dramatic fashion and gets about an inch of space. A "true Yankee"? Suuuuure.

SF, I saw that and thought exactly the same thing. The media's hate of A-Rod is staggering.

Like I've said all along--beth, come back in an alternate universe where you actually started rooting for the Sox before 2003.

Hey Joe Morgan,

That is rude and uncalled for. Jerk.

like i've said all along--joe morgan, you and your guido buddies should get the i-roc z running again and try to get out of new jersey more. your mothers basement is gonna be hot this summer.

Yeah, goody for A-Rod. Too bad he can't face the worst bullpen in baseball every day. Keep that bat head accelerating through the zone, and keep it solid!

Okay, maybe the Royals are worse, but you get the idea.

As for the Mets getting the back page, well, they're the first place team and the better story right now, no?

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