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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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Cheers or jeers for Pedro on Wednesday?

Gotta be cheers. Even my grudge-holding mom, who I think may have booed Johnny D, said she's getting on her feet and cheering. Cheers. How can anyone justify not cheering him?!!?

Cheers. Anything else would be a travesty. I am of the opinion that Pedro is so good that he is not of this earth, and I never miss a chance to see him pitch when I can help it. Even though I despised him as a Sock, I loved to watch him throw.

Jim Palmer said of Pedro, "He's the best pitcher I have ever seen." If Jim Palmer, who has seen Gibson, Koufax, Seaver, Drysdale, et al., and is himself one of the finest pitchers of the last 50 years, endorses Pedro as the best, that's more than good enough for me.

Obviously it has to be cheers. There's no justification for jeers.

No arguments here. Boston fans should stand; and I've never seen a pitcher the equal of Pedro in his prime.

As for our "new" banner, let's just say that a Sox-Mets series leaves the self-respecting Yankee fan with an impossible situation. Is there a way for both teams to lose? Someone call Selig....

I, for one, am rooting for the Mets. It's an easy choice given the the Sox's advantage in the standings.

Go Reyes!

It's gotta be "Go Mets!" I also hope that each game this week runs about 15 innings apiece.

I'll probably put my back out turning my coat like that.

I like to see Mets do well - as long as it's not against the Yankees, obviously - so it won't be too much coat-turning on my part. But definitely rooting much harder this time...and like Gerbil says, hopefully both teams are completely burned out by the weekend.

As for Pedro, I hope it's cheers, not because I like him, but because of what he did for Boston. That being said, I'm pretty sure there'll be more than a few losers booing as well.

geeze, it's almost like football season around here already. "i'm a giants fan this are the jets doing?". i have noticed how many of the dishwashers in the eating establishments around my hood have bailed yank gear for mets shwag.

my vote is to boo and cheer pedro. be as wishywashy as the man child has been about his time in boston.

Is he bringing his midget friend with him back to Beantown? If so, look out SF's!

This is kind of off-topic, but I wanted to share because it made me laugh at the time:

On Sportscenter, Ravech asks Joe Morgan who he thinks is more valuable to the Mets, Reyes or David Wright. Morgan's answer (paraphrased): "Well...Reyes gets on base and scores runs; Wright drives in more runs which is harder to do than to score them. But I think Reyes is still more valuable not because of how often he gets on base but what he does once he gets there."

"PEDRO SUCKS. PEDRO SUCKS" can't be anything but that.

TJ, why?

is anyone else getting tired of voting for guerrero and ichiro to keep damon off the allstar team? you know ozzie wont add him to the team, cause ozzie doesn't like his kind of lifestyle. the jeeter vote is close too. lets go miggy.

pedro press conference on WEEI right now.

You could always vote for Vernon Wells. Sox fans of all people should know how good he is.

I wouldn't mind if JD got a few extra days rest. "This Time it Counts" is pale in comparison to the AL East crown IMO.

YM- you're right. under that same line of reasoning yankee fans must think mark loretta is the best second baseman ever.

Robbie Cano has just been DL'd; thems the breaks I guess. We'll be seeing a lot more of Miggy at 2B.

Pedro must be cheered. During his time as a member of the Red Sox, he was as good as any pitcher in history. He did more to help bring the championship than any other player. When Clemens left, the Sox were at best a mediocre team. When Pedro arrived, they were immediately an elite team.

Sure, he was a jerk when he left, but when you compare the pluses and the minuses, it's no contest.

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