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Sunday, May 07, 2006


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From one Joe to another, thanks Joe! 1,000 wins! It almost seems surreal. When you joined the team I predicted you wouldn't last two seasons. Four rings later, boy am I wrong.

Man, am I happy to be wrong!

Good on yer, Joe, and let's go for one more this year.

PS, Don't use Sturtze for anything aside from picking up balls after the game. Please.

Congrats Joe! And I agree with Joe. Give up your love affair with Sturtze!

I think the affair with Sturtze ended today, sandwiched somewhere between two walks and a throwing error.

Not a Yankees fan, but have to give it up for Joe Torre, he's an excellent manager. Congrats Joe.

Hear hear, Dave. I am a big fan of Torre, a convert from the "a monkey could win with the Yankees payroll and roster" school. Though he does have a built-in advantage managing the Yanks, Torre has also done a stellar job, and there have been many times where I felt extremely jealous that he wasn't managing the Sox. That has subsided in the past few years, for obvious reasons.

Congrats Joe, the only part of the Yankees I have any respect for.

You're a hell of a class act and one of the last true Gentlemen of the game.

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