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Thursday, April 06, 2006


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Actually, from what I have heard, Billy Wagner has had this song played for him since 1997 which, wow, is the same year as Rivera. Since we don't know who had it played first that year, it's highly likely that neither was aware of the others use of the song. It is just standard Yankee fan hubris and arrogance to accuse the non-Yankee in this issue of co-opting the song

Should Mets fans be bitching about Randy Johnson wearing number 41 since, after all, Tom Seaver had it first and actually delivered a world championship to the city. They don't.

Vic: I think it's clear: I don't give a shit what the Mets play for Billy Wagner when he comes into a game. Coming into a city where it's already established as someone else's deal....kinda dumb, but doesn't bother me one iota.

As a fan if neither team, I don't care either. But it seems to be a big deal to a lot of Yankees fans. My point was to indicate that the comment that he had somehow co-opted Riveras song was incorrect.

Quite frankly, until the other day when I heard Mike Francesa on his show on WFAN, railing on Wagner, I didn't even know they played a song for Rivera.

Vic: put a correction on the post above, just so you know we're all about integrity thanks for keeping me honest.

I have often thought of having "ES" played each morning as I walk into the office, but held off as I thought it might offend the one Yankee fan we employ. Looks like I made the right choice.

More seriously, YF knows that baseball players are creatures of (sometimes inexplicable and sometimes sub-mental) habit, so calling Wagner's use of "Enter Sandman" sad is a cheapshot. Why should Wagner change his habits, exactly? YF is normally better than this, and though he strains a bit to convince us he coudn't care less what Wagner enters to he still found the energy to call Wagner's choice "sad" and "kinda dumb". At the very least, YF's word choice calls into question the sincerity of his supposed disinterest.

The Yankees fans who do sincerely object to his use of this song (I am guessing they are fewer in number than it would seem from the press coverage) are thin-skinned. The talking heads and journos who have spent an inordinate time thinking about this supposed "controversy" have nothing interesting to say and this is BS concocted to distract us from their simplemindedness. Even Mariano doesn't give a crap, to his credit and as we should expect from a guy who has always acted with class and inteligence.

Chris Russo spent 5 minutes of valuable time with willie Randolph yesterday discussing whether or not Randolph would ask Wagner to switch songs. Low-grade stuff. At least we didn't have to hear the Dog attempt to talk about the Masters, I suppose. Can we move on?

"Talking heads"? Did SF mention the Talking Heads? That's a very New York solution. Let Wagner use Wild Wild life. And, what the hey, we'll throw Julian Tavarez a bone up in Boston. Psycho Killer seems right up his alley.

Death Metal? Sorry...Metallica is NOT death metal. If he was to come out to, say, Children of Bodom, then I'd understand. But learn your fucking music, idiot.

Spoken like a true metal fan. thank you. case closed. now if we could just get a hitler reference in here, we could call this thread on account of godwin's law. somebody? anybody?

Wagner!!!! We all know who loved him...

I win the Nazi reference contest. How could you not notice that in your original post?!

I'm not sure about Wagner working out in New York. Despite being a Sox fan, I listen to WFAN constantly and have heard two interviews Mike and Chris have done with him. He sounds too edgy for NY. It seems like the media is going to get to him quick and it his little comment about Rivera doesn't help.

Actually, if you do some reasearch (article in the 'Post' last week, Sportscenter segment on Wagner from a few years ago) you'll discover that Wagner first used the song back in 1996, when he first started closing for the Astros in the second half of the season. Bagwell didn't like the song he had ("The Fireman") and so they switched it to "Enter Sandman".

During this time, Mariano was setting up for Wetteland, and didn't have any entrance music -- until he was closing the following year, in 1997.

So, while nobody denies that Mariano is going to be identified with the song from here on out -- to ask the guy who did it FIRST to change, just because he's moved into the same neighborhood, is cheap and petty.

Addendum: Upon reading a few articles it would seem that Rivera has been using the music since 1999, not 1997. And it was chosen by an employee of Yankee Stadium.

Why do people care again?

Wagner and Rivera should settle it with a knife-fight or something. You know, like the video for "Beat It."

Sorry - hit the return key by mistake.

This was a mediocre game. Jeter won't let it bother him, Cano will learn from it (he is still learning), and this team will be excellent.

Brad - whattya talkin' Wang reverting to his real self? He was a 25-year-old superb rookie last year. I'm predicting 15 wins for him this year if he stays healthy.

Awww man. I was eager to goof on YF for calling Metallica death metal, but that previous poster sucked all the humor out of it by being a dickhead.


Vinny, I try to refrain from using the words "superb year" when the person I'm talking about spent a pretty healthy chunk of time on the disabled list with a recurring shoulder problem. But, either of us could be wrong, so let's hold off on this argument until he gives the Yankees 10 or 12 decent starts. I'll be happy to eat the crow when, or if, that time ever comes.

Mariano Rivera, the epitome of how a player should conduct himself, on and off the field (Gammons thinks HE should be the poster boy for the current baseball era, not Barry Bonds), when asked about Wagner using it also, just smiled and said it was ok, it didn't matter.

In this age of exhibitionism in professional sports, you gotta love Mo.

Actually, Mariano prefers Christian music....Yikes.

I always thought it would really cool if Mariano came out to song 12 from Ennio Mariconni's "The MIssion" score. Death Metal heads would explode everywhere.

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