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Sunday, February 26, 2006


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every so often, mazz really does lay an egg.

it has been noticed that the major columnists (shaughnessy, mazz) have been filing some serious crap lately, and it has been theorized in turn that curt schilling's comments last week that he was telling sox newbies who was worth talking to in the media are bearing fruit already. at least in the case of shaughnessy, i hope there's some accuracy to that. i'd be happy to buy the CHB a one way ticket out of town, and i can't say i'd cry if mazz were gone either.

The real question is- why is Gammons in a Sox uniform in that photo? I guess he forgot to change out of his PJ's before heading over to the ballpark.

This was a total useless waste of space. Hell, if he wrote it on two sheets of toilet paper I would still have the same EXACT opinon. Tony M surprised me there with writing while reaching for something to say. But there was nothing there. Wrong turn, reaching for emptiness, TonyM. And I like the guy. As they say, get the errors out of the way in the pre-season. He did that. mission accomplished.

This is an old article and I don't know if anyone will see this...but I have to say it anyway. That's not Peter Gammons dude, that's Johnny did no one correct this sooner??

I think that was a joke, Josh.

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