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Friday, February 17, 2006


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"I would love to do that, but it’s not the kind of person I am,' he said. 'I’m not trying to sound brash or cocky, but I think a lot of what’s happened may just be a product of the way I’ve played my entire career. I overlooked certain things that were going on with my body. But there are two different kind of players — players that are smart, and do it that way, take the time off, and they may not play on days when they should. I guess I’m kind of the reverse of that.'”
-Trot Nixon

I love the fact that a year ago this fraud had the nerve to make fun of A-Rod's vain bit about working out at 6 in the morning, and then he comes out with this self-serving false modest crap. Meanwhile, RSN deifies these millionaire working class heroes and their Larry the Cable Guy authenticity acts.

You think there's any work in San Francisco for bullshit detecting? Or am I stuck applying to grad schools and temping in the meantime?

Yesterday at my interview at a certain progressive university the interviewer hugged me on the way out. This place is magical and all kinds of weird. Also, people do not jay-walk here.

Seriously, that's just wrong.

yes, nick, because there is a total parallel between someone openly congratulating themselves for being up at 6 AND slamming other people for "having to take their kids to school", and saying "i maybe shouldn't have played hurt. it's my fault for doing that that i'm having problems now."

whatever helps you feel better about rooting for a-rod, my friend. whatever.

I should compile all the posts by YF and YFs around here these last few weeks, and I bet I'd find that the majority of them are angry in tone, belittling of most things Red Sox (and nastily so), and generally acidic. I'm not kidding about this. I've been accused all along of being the acerbic, angry one at this site, but it really does seem that the last month has brought out the inner curmudgeon in many of our YF-posters here. Why is that? Even the generally benificent Nick, who has moved to the most benign of climates, Northern California, can't hide his open disdain for Trot Nixon for admitting he was probably reckless with his body over the past few years and accuses of "deifying" him. When, exactly?

Why the anger, YFN?

As a counterpoint, it's also incredibly satisfying when YF has to dig through BP's EWORL relief pitching stats just to come up something where our boys finished last. In a season long since decided. Well done.

Talk about tying your horse to a rickety wagon...

Nick, you're not seriously comparing My Man Trot to A-Fraud are you? There is no comparision to be made here. Rodriguez is a vain and self-obsessed Hall of Fame caliber hitter who wears purple lipstick. Nixon wears Burts Bees lip balm.

Ya know whats going to be hilarious? When Rodriguez is an old shell of himself, still making $25Million a year, hasn't won a World Series, and still can't order breakfast without paralyzing himself in fear.

Both are incredibly self-serving statements. Only one is falsely modest. I'm sure Trot really thinks he's dumb for having such a good work ethic.

A-Rod's 48 homers and his hustle and the fact that he plays 162 games each year enables me to root for the man. Of course, his vanities are silly and do not make him appealing as a person. But neither should Trot's obvious pat myself-on-the-back statement. But I'm sure it will. Whatever helps you add to the fan's and Trot's agreed upon legend of Trot.

Nick, Trot IS dumb.

SF, Northern California's cheeriness needs some balancing. I'm simply finding the right middle ground. Plus,(us YF's) we're revving up for the baseball season, getting our game faces on. I think the Olympics has softened you, and made you forget that the Sox and Yanks are about to do battle.

To quote Trotty's favorite comedian (he has to be, you know, considering Nixon's roots and the self-realized stereotype that is Trot):


(that's what he says, right? it just doesn't look quite right).

I need a job right now. Sorry for the bile. It's all in good fun. Just a tad stressed.;)

I think the Olympics has softened you, and made you forget that the Sox and Yanks are about to do battle

Hey, just because I went out and bought a sequined matador outfit (to replace my Yaz shirt) after watching Wednesday's men's short program does NOT mean I am soft. Or maybe it does, I don't know.

Just remember there's a loooong way until the pennant race, so burning unnecessary energy on split squad results and blogging about EWAoRL stats can create a little too much acid in the belly.

?!? Yeah, SF. It's always us. Anyway, the stat was on BP's homepage, so it didn't take much digging. Also, it seems more than anything encouraging for this year's prospects.

We're not getting into the Trot-vs-A-Rod debate. Call Ozzie Guillen. I'm sure he'd be happy to referee the argument.

Nick: good luck getting that job. Just remember to tell everyone you interview with that you're a regular poster here at YFvsSF. That should get you in the door just about anywhere.

Maybe you could start yr own website out in "San Fran." You could call it YFinSF. Either that or it could be a porn site.

It's always us

Dude, read much? I said recently, not "always". Though your quick and acerbic retort seems to verify just what I was saying. Thanks!

YFinSF? Wouldn't work; Didn't YF say he was a masochist recently?

(that was a bad joke. sorry again)

FWIW, the interviewer hugged me after I told her I was an A-Rod fan and that I defend him on YFvsSF. She thinks he's "so misunderstood, and that Trot Nixon guy is such a fake. The irony!"

I've already bought Nick a Cosco-sized tub of TUMS.
Trot Nixon is wicked cool. He's just like one of the guys on Cheers! Or maybe he's like those sheet metal workers from that "Good Will Hunting" movie!
Man, I wish I could go out and get drunk with him. He seems like a regular guy.

It sounds like you guys would rather go quail hunting with Trot, if you know what I mean...

I'm sensing something here... SF: you don't like Trot?

I don't dislike Trot, but do think he's kind of a moron. And "kind of" may be a bit too generous.

I think he could have been (or still could be) an excellent player, but hasn't really ever struck me as consistent enough to be feared, in either the field or at the plate, though he is certainly competent.

I think Trot is an excellent defender, and very above average hitter. When healthy he's very similar to Paulie O (and now my fellow YFs will call me a Benedict Arnold). Problem is that he has a tough time not getting hurt because he hustles too much.

If by "hustle" you mean "eats cheese fries".

I think Nixon is a very solid fielder with the occasionally spectacular play. As far as hitting goes, I don't feel like the Sox have ever really given him a fair chance to hit lefties. Against righties (which is most of the time) he's an excellent hitter with good power and on-base skills. He's not the kind of guy you build your team around, partly because of his injury history, but he's a guy that will help you win for sure if he is in the lineup. Give me a team of Trot Nixons and we'll do a lot of winning.

Unless he's pitching for me too, in which case I'm in trouble. This is about the point where the metaphor (or similie?) breaks down.

I know he's a republican (and so is Schilling) but that doesn't mean they're terrible people. They're both hard working good players and while they're playing for the Red Sox thats more than good enough for me. I'm not one of those guys who has to like everything about someone to root for them.

Being a republican does make them pretty terrible people; but so is A Rod.
How's it going today Benenick Arnold?

"Give me a team of Trot Nixons and we'll do a lot of winning."

Give me a team of A-Rods and we'll do a lot MORE winning.

The day Trot Nixon retires is the day we all forget about him.

The day Trot Nixon retires is the day we all forget about him

Maybe you will. On the other hand, have you forgotten Jim Leyritz? Or David Justice? Or Luis Sojo? Or any other non-legend who helped the Yankees win a championship?

You realize I'm not the biggest Trot-booster in RSN, but your comment is pretty darn silly.

lp: of course you'll win more with a team of rodriguezs than nixons. duh. that wasn't the point. you won't catch anyone here trying to argue that nixon is better than rodriguez.

right. The original point, which only I care about and only Beth refuted (SF didn't exactly engage the point, finding it alarmingly acerbic, but, rather, pointed out that Trot Nixon is not so bright.), was that both players' are now on record as having made self-serving vain statements. What's more is that Trot previously made fun of A-Rod for (what I veiw) as a similarly vain comment.

edit: "(what I view) was..."


My point is that A-Rod is a not just better than the likes of Trot Nixon, he’s better than the overwhelming majority of ballplayers you will see in your lifetime. As such, baseball history will remember him, not just partisan fans. His numbers speak for themselves and will stand as significant achievements for future fans who will never see him play. That's why the Sox broke out the kneepads to try and sign him in the first place.

The same is not true of Nixon. And from your previous comments, I know you know this. Even now, his name comes up, not because of his merits on the field, but because he has a big mouth and takes cheap shots at the AL MVP. If he makes the same comments about someone like a Jim Leyritz, it doesn't make the press, he gets no hype, and RSN doesn't get to pound its chest. That's what makes him a punk. If Trot were truly up at 6AM and doing all the things that A-rod bragged about that threw him into a hissy fit in the first place, then he needs to prove that on the field not in the papers. And Trot needs to do it year after year. When he can do what A-rod does, then I'll respect his opinion about A-rod. Until then, he's just another ankle-biting, coattail riding, here today, gone tomorrow, uppity punk.

And when I said "we" I didn't mean you and me, I meant those of us outside of RSN, which is the overwhelming majority of the baseball world.

"When he can do what A-rod does, then I'll respect his opinion about A-rod."

By this logic, lp, you yourself can have no opinion about either Nixon, Rodriguez or anyone that has ever put on a baseball uniform. Spare us all the invented rules. Nixon is entitled to his opinion just as you are to yours, whether you like it or not.

C'mon, it's no big secret why Yanks fans are angry and bitter here. I can sum it up in nine sweet syllables:


Sorry, YFs, but you know it still stings like a mofo. Yadda yadda, you've got more rings. Go ahead, make your excuses. But I say it again: You know we've still got one up on you, until you put it in Boston's face as embarssingly as Boston did to you in '04.

Hudson, whenever I feel like embarassing a Boston fan I'll just point out that they have you, the Platonic ideal of the idiot fan, in their ranks.

Since you probably didn't understand any of that, I'll speak asshole to you: COUNT THE RINGS.

Tom, you speak fluent asshole, so well that it appears you must have been speaking it for years.

Since 1996.

Hudson, they're not upset about choking in 2004. They're upset because these Yankees are utterly unlikable, as opposed to their grudgingly likable championship teams. They're stuck rooting for a $250 million doofus who can't win, and America laughs at their misfortune. And YFs know it too, hence the overcompensation. ("Kyle Farnsworth is gonna surprise a lot of people" etc etc.)

But no need to hate on YFs for acting that way. Swallowing another six years of A-Scrod's rally-killing GIDPs is punishment enough. Have fun guys!

pstar, do you actually recognize any of your team's players? I think the beloved 2004 squad has lost 85% of its players, and 1 of the 4 remaining players from that team is Curt Schilling, a well-established douche bag if there ever were one. Try to pretend that the Fenway faithful have a "real" connection to Lowell, Loretta, JT Snow, Coco, Clement and Beckett. And also try to delude yourself that it's still 2004. It's a self-righteous act for a Sox fan to try to pull. Oh, that's right! You root for the uniforms, as do Yanks fans.

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