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Monday, December 19, 2005


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A news feed relating to both teams would be cool (not necessary but still pretty cool).

A way to censor my comments about Varitek and Schilling before I write them would be nice. C'mon!

I think you should change the name to "SoxFan vs. YanksFan."

Y comes before S in my dyslexic alphabet. It should remain the way it is.

Only if they put little red horns over the "Red Sox."

For what it's worth, I think the site is one of the better, and more intelligent, sites going. Everyone who frequents the site on a daily basis (me, Nick, John, both of our hosts, ect..)keeps a respectful line between being a fan and being a jerk.
That being said, I do think it would be pretty cool to have the news feed Nick suggested.
Oh, is there any way we could work the Broncos onto this site so I could just get all my sports stuff done on one page? Just asking. Spidey and I would greatly appreciate any such offering. Like a special Jake Plummer section ? No? Okay, fine. I know when I'm reaching.

as an established CSS geek, i'd love to see more color and graphics in the design. news feeds are also a good idea, but only if they aren't in the way of the main content.

you guys have enough readers to make regular polls fun, too.

Yeah, yeah! Broncos! Broncos! Orange crush mania, awww, yeah, boyeee!!!

Sorry. As much as I agree with Brad that a regular Broncos news feed/thread would add a certain panache and street cred to the site, I realize that such is probably beyond the scope of what I imagine to be your original mission statement. But maybe it's time to start a new thread that mentions that Jeets once winked at Jessica Alba or someone, just to sort of re-juice the dialogue and record the explosive cultural commentary that's sure to result. Or here's an ante-upping twist: report that Jeets was caught winking at Ben Affleck and that Ben winked back. (My guess is that YF would sooner chew tinfoil than allow that to come to pass, even as a purely anthropological experiment, but it might be funny.)

Here's a suggestion: have you thought about changing the order of the posts depending on when a comment was last posted? For instance, this comment - as the most recently posted across the site - would move this entire topic to the top of the homepage above all the Damon stuff. Users then scroll down the page to see the topic they want to jump into.

I guess that changes the site dynamic somewhat, from a blog to a forum that revolves around you two. Not sure if you want to go that route, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

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