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Monday, October 31, 2005


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Thank God Theo is coming back!! Now we Manny? NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo.....

yes, how easy it is to say, in hindsight, that there was nothing to worry about--ho hum, theo's back, i knew it all along.

there's nothing more tiresome than blogger ennui--"Can the Sox media and a good portion of its fan base move on now?" please. re-signing theo was bigger than the possibility of trading manny ever will be.

I would—I cannot believe I find myself writing this—have to agree with Beth on this one, SF. There's a first time for everything. In retrospect it's easy to say that this was a ho-hum negotiation, that it was a foregone conclusion that Theo would end up with the Sox. But that understimates the work the parties put in to make it happen, and that business decisions sometimes take on an a life of their own. Two years ago it seemed a foregone conclusion that Andy Pettitte would re-up with the Yanks. For better or worse, that didn't happen. Sometimes the unthinkable does.

Until Theo learns to hit 45 homers a year he doesn't qualify as 'as important' as Manny. I think Theo has done a great job the past three years, and I'm glad he's back. But he's not quite the hitter that Manny is. Remember, the Red Sox are a baseball team, so even if they have the smartest and most capable front office in baseball, if their left fielder can't hit they aren't going anywhere.

Ah, but did Manny ever score 1570 on his SAT?

Let's not make Manny out to be a Greek god. His atitude, and this comes from me, a fan, has sucked when he's sulking. It seems to me that as of now if he returns next year we'll see WAY too much of the Sulker who jogs to first. That's just one example. I know replacing him as the hitter behind Papi is near impossible, but much is left to be seen.

Could you imagine how many times Ortiz will be walked if Manny's traded away? I'm thinking Bondsian totals.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Theo is gone.

This is despite the fact that the Boston Globe and ESPN say that Theo has agreed to resign with the Red Sox. The Herald doesn't specifcially mention any sources.

NESN is also reporting that Epstein is gone.

breaking news: SF's ennui turns to concern.

So does mine... wow, this sucks. First my Redskins turn into a pumpkin at midnight (1pm EST) and now Theo leaves. Bring me the head of Larry Lucchino!

you root for the skins? I do too. We found a common ground. Man, sunday sucked.

Sunday was terrible. I'm not sure whats worse, getting totally beat down by the Giants or losing Theo... In the long run I think this is probably worse.

The Red Sox gambled big and lost big on this one. They should have had Theo locked up for good money a year ago after they won the WS. Now they've got nothing. Josh Byrnes left for Arizona, and Theo has walked away. Free agency is about to start, Manny is freaking out (so am I for that matter) and we don't have anyone in any type of situation to deal with any of it.

Lucchino should be fired over this. This is as big a screw up as letting Roger Clemens go.

Word on the street is that the Sox are going after Brian Sabean. Not sure why he'd relocate, but he's a good GM, and with the Sox payroll, it'd be interesting to see what he could do. But hey, I'd like to see you guys go after DePodesta. He's a stats wonk and he's available! :)

Man, it's tough to work in Boston. You win 3 cy youngs for them and they show you the door. You bring them their first world series in 86 years, and they let you go.

Today sucks.

they let you go

Not exactly what happened, Nick, from what's being reported. Not that we can trust that, though.

word on the street is

Word on the street is that the Earth is flat.

For those who don't know, Theo's grandfather (and his brother) were very famous writers, and were actually credited with writing Casablanca, along with some other big hits. So , this obviously wasn't about the money. $1.2 million (and maybe $1.5million), sounds like a fair offer, given the Atlanta GM makes only $1.6 million. This was much more a personal issue between Luchinno and Theo than people think it was.

The Theo contract has been negotiated, and the press conference will be held tomorrow.

Oh, wait....

I opened my shithole too soon, AGAIN

Oh Boy is this good. FIrst of all, SF, I TOLD YOU SO. Okay. Now that that's out of the way, a few comments.

I'm not quite sure I understand the Lucchino bashing. The Sox offered Theo highly competitive money, and many of us have suspected that Luchino was calling more of the shots than anyone realized for some time. Lucchino traine Theo. He trained him in Baltimore and he trained him in San Diego. The whole point of the "Moneyball" system Theo supposedly introduced to the Sox was that you understand baseball as a business, and make decisions based on market inefficiencies. So let's just say there's more than a little irony in all the whining from RSN about how the Sox aren't showing loyalty to their now-ex GM.

But one thing's for sure: a decapitated, disorganized Sox team is sure fun to watch.

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