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Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Here's hoping he pulls a Macha, and that Billy Beane isn't so magnanimous as Billy Beane! Bill James can train another monkey. [Kidding!]

Cashman gets $5 million, when do I get my $10?

I just saw that Brad left a post in another thread. My address is John Massengale, Gracie Station Box 684, New York, NY 10028-0044

Alright, alright. I'll put it in the mail this weekend, but please let me know you got it.

I still stand by at least one half of my argument that this was a bad move. Not that there are a ton of great candidates out there to replace the puppet (or any willing to do that to themselves on a daily basis), but just remind me again which team has gotten progressively worse over the period of the last four years?
Since I don't actually know what kind of weight Cash carries in the front office, I can't get on him as much as I used to (prior to really understanding the Tampa influence on the Yankees), but with new contract in hand, the man has a lot to prove.
PS -
What's everyone's opinion on what is going to happen to Bernie?
My guess is that he comes back in a very limited/substitution/backup role with the Yanks at a much smaller pricetag.
Is there going to be a huge deal between some team (Please be the Mets and Beltran) and ManRam?
Who's going to be on first for Boston?
Will AJ Burnett follow the Guru to Baltimore or is he going to spare his ERA and stay in the kids' league?
Who gets Pierre?
Who gets Konerko?
Who gets Furcal?
I will say this - If Damon gets a five year deal I may lose my mind. If he gets three, I'm okay with it, but any more than that and I say no. If Pedro can't get four, neither can Damon. Period.

Man, I love this time of year almost as much as the season itself. Almost.

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