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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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We're busy—alas, not in the Bronx—and happily our Bombers are at work as well. Dingers from Sheff and A-Rod. Two hits for the Captain. And the day has just begun. Go team.

Jorge! Jeets! Matsui! A Sheff dinger away from the cycle. Almost!

And Mo puts it away: 1, 2, 3. Now that is a sweet afternoon.

Francona should remove Schilling right now (top of the third, one man on), and send him home for the winter to get better. It's clear he's not useful to this team in the condition he's in. Watching him throw it looks like he just doesn't have enough stuff to get by. I could be wrong, he might just need to regain stamina, but that seems a real stretch based on this longer effort tonight. It's disappointing, but such is the apparent price for last year's championship. The odds of a defense just got very very long.

and he's going to regain stamina by going home how?

it's his FIRST start. jesus christ.

Next person to get sent home: Terry Francona. Bad Terry! Bad Terry! Papelbon should have been in to start the fourth. Even a dimwit like me could see that.

Aw, crap, they've got Remlinger up. I don't care if he's from my hometown, he's got nothing lately. As for Schilling, i don't know about sending him home, but it sure seems to me that he ought to be trying this in Pawtucket...

Well, if Tito's giving up... Oooh, look, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is on!

Considering how much Schilling has struggled to regain his form, doesn't this make the legend of what he did in 2004 that much bigger? This guy literally jeopardized the rest of his career to bring a title to Boston. You have to figure that trying to pitch through the injury made it much tougher to heal. I don't particularly like the guy, but I have to give him credit.

This Yanks fan thinks SF is right. Send the bum home for the winter. Santorum might have some difficulty getting re-elected. Schilling would be more useful stumping for him.

Not only was it difficult to watch Schilling from the 2nd inning on but also the new line-up last night. Why wouldn't Tito keep his A team in there for a "just in case we need a lot of run support" case scenario? I know that you can't do a lot of shifting around but putting Millar in left so that Manny could be the DH was almost laughable.

I give him another start - after that, I'm off the "Schilling will be okay" bandwagon I've been on the three months.
However, I will say this :
It helps Schilling absolutely zero for Philly Francona to put a sub-par linuep out there, and then not pinch hit for any of them until the ninth. Kevin Millar should never, ever play the outfild again, and when the bases are loaded, Alex Cora should be not be sent to the plate to help the cause.
I don't know why Francona has decided to manage some of these more recent games as if they do not matter, but the endless days off and mind slumps he goes into are getting old. Much like a great offense carrying Torre, Francona has to realize that for him to win, he has to start a lineup (or at least insert one when needed) that can do just that for him.
I don't give Schilling the pass, but his velocity was very good, and he says he felt fine. Perhaps if every runner on the Royals were not able to tag-up on every fly ball, things would not have looked so bad.
Like I said, I'll give him another start (maybe two), but calling him dead now may be jumping the gun a 'bit.
PS - did I mention...Please don't play Millar in the outfield, thanks.

SF's weak constitution and total lack of confidence is kind of shocking. In his first start, Schilling's velocity was decent, and his k/bb ratio excellent. I only saw the highlights, but a couple of the hits were nothing spectacular; they just found holes, and we all know that balls put in play make outs most of the time; He did not allow a home run. Let's say this: if the Sox are dumb enough to give up on their ace, this will be one very happy Yankee fan. If Schilling doesn't regain full brilliant form of old (and remember, he was fallible in the playoffs, before the injury last year) he may well be a productive pitcher. And the Sox need that BIG TIME. Because—be honest Sox Fans—your pitching has been horrible of late. Theo's genius notwithstanding.

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