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Sunday, August 01, 2004


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Olney, Stark, Shaughnessy? Hey! Don't forget YF. We were up with our comments first—in the comments to Going, Going, Gone, reprinted here for convenience:

The Sox: They were a terrible defensive team; now they have three gold gloves on the infield and a first baseman who walks plenty and doesn't strikeout. While they didn't add a pitcher, the improved infield should be a boon to Lowe. And they didn't take on any ungainly contracts.

I'll take SF's word that Sox fans are deriding Nomar. That boggles the mind. It's ridiculous that being the most beloved athlete in Boston for years should be overshadowed by Nomar's only fault: possibly not playing to his full potential (while hurt) over the last few months. Sox fans always need to express bitterness, and their venom is being spewed at Nomar. Nomar went from hero to scapegoat in six months. The real scapegoat is the Sox pitching staff, but Theo has improved that area with the addition of...ooops, no he didn't.

JCL - they are showering EPSTEIN with derision, not Nomar. Please edit your post and retract your blanket insult of Sox fans accordingly.

Even as a YF, it's sorta sad to see Nomar leave Beantown. Part of me does empathize and feel sorta like he got at least emotionally screwed by the whole off-season ARod non-dealings. Then again, that's all just part of the business, so he shouldn't have let it make him all crabby and stuff (shoulda taken a page from the near oblivious Manny's book). But it does eliminate what had come to be one of the more central elements of the ongoing YF/SF debate, represented here by the whole Derek v. Nomar subsection. Now the Yanks have two better shortstops than the Sox, one playing out of position, and those two might only be #2 & #3 in the division behind the Home Run Derby Champ in Camden Yards. At any rate, best of luck to yah, Nomah Gaahciapahrra (in addition to what he delivered on the field, his name really was perfectly suited to Boston...I can't imagine "da Beears"-heads doing anything less than slaughtering it).

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