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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


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Should I trade Manny Ramirez and Victor Martinez for Javier Vazquez?

I am in a points league (all MLB) with only 9 people. Outfielders are in large supply and I already have Posada on my team. Martinez was just a lucky pickup.

IF Vazquez goes on to win 20 and have 240K's then this will be worht it, I think.

But will he do that?

I'll leave the rotiserie questions to SF, but 20/240 is a rather aggressive assumption.

Don't know the dynamics of an all-MLB league, so I have to withhold comment. Sorry!

I'm in 13-team and 6-team (don't ask) leagues. Last year, I was in an 8-team league. I've got Vazquez on both, and am certainly hoping for 20-240. I agree that it's optimistic.

Jorge has been darned durable. Manny alone should get you Vazquez. Manny's tough to give up, but if you're loaded in the outfield and sparse on your staff, I'd do it. On the other hand, maybe Oliver Perez or A.J. Burnett are still available. >beliefs and practices of the united church of christ >cooking receipts >blank resume forms >mclane foodservice >georgia department of revenue >sex tips >baldwin police blotter >irish recipes >al race tracks >text for my space >sepulveda materials >how much does it cost to get my pool cleaned >fafsa >shhopnbc >former state trooper and school board vp pennsylvania >pittsburgintairport >american idol >when adult children havent learned to reslolve conflicts in a healthy way >english greek interlinearbible >dinnerware >early alzheimers death notices >concord lacrosse >denon s-301 >darth vader >mecklenburg county sheriff inmate lookup >custodian charged with rape >tier chandelier glass >sizing chart >shutterfly >looking for the web site for spiros club in austin

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